Monthly Archives: July 2013

Stop Motion: A Tribute to Ray.

Like most kids, I spent my pocket money on stupid crap – plastic toys which fell apart within weeks, comics, stickers, and a fistful of E numbers. The only purchase I stand by is Jason and the Argonauts (1963), which I bought on VHS and watched so many times the tape wore out. It was […]

Revolution in the Bedroom

Skinny B is a DJ and producer, specialising in the creation of lo-fi hip-hop and skewed electronica. When he’s not in the studio, or spinning tunes at The Rafters and Drakes, he’s scouring the internet for music for his monthly podcast, Scratch the Surface. I joined him in his studio, Da Bomb Factory, to talk […]

The Dinosaur’s Arms

It was in Europe during the Middle Ages that people first hit on the idea of having crests that could be passed down for one generation to the next. Towns and boroughs soon wanted them too, and heraldry developed into a highly technical and exclusive art with strict rules and its own jargon, mainly drawn […]

The Rafters (Review)

Created with the kind of “let’s put on a show” energy unseen outside of a Cliff Richards musical, The Rafters is a new music venue in Maidstone that’s quickly made a name for itself as the place to go on a Saturday night, dragging in alternative types from around the town, and making people of […]