Why Listen Live?

iStock_000016313861SmallThe web is awash with good tunes. Musicians can have fans from Beirut to Boston without ever leaving their bedrooms; someone in Birmingham can be a star in Bahrain. But for all the connections to be made online, there’s one you can only find live.

See, streaming a song is a one way transaction. The energy flows from the speakers to you – what you do with it is inconsequential, whether you dance or let it dissipate, the song remains the same. But at a live show is not a data stream, it’s an organic experience. A good reaction from the crowd creates new energy in the band. The magic circle is formed; a back and forth feeding frenzy that expands music’s possibilities.

Anyone who’s been to a stadium gig knows the feeling of loosing your identity in the crowd. You are no longer an individual with everyday worries and arse-aches, you are part of a unit, a pure entity willed into being by the performer’s music and your response to it. But such transcendence isn’t limited to mega brand venues – it can happen anywhere. The smallest pub gig can be a life changing experience where you connect with the band and the crowd in a way impossible online.

Every night of the week you have the chance to step inside the magic circle. There are hundreds of people in your town, just waiting to let you get loose, to tell you things, to move you. Sure, you could find them online, but why limit your self to walking one way streets?