Chinese Hamburgers

Kevin Baker takes us to the Far East with his essay Chinese Hamburgers.”

(Litro #148: The Going Home Issue)


The Rock ‘n’ Roll Look

“That’s it!” I thought, my imaginary coffee cup spiralling to the floor in slow motion. “People don’t listen to the bands on their T-shirts!”

(Litro Online)


The Time House Window

“The window had two horizontal lines etched into it, along with the legend, Time House…”

(Angle Magazine)


Kitchenware Everywhere

“It’s a Sunday morning, in a medium-sized Chinese city, and I’m at an opening party for a kitchenware shop. That in itself is a strange thing…”



Why Facebook is Better Than Your Brain

“Kevin Baker considers the ways in which Facebook acts as a memory database – and ponders what this means for the human brain.”

(Litro Online)


Cinema of Transcendence

“A new combination of visual and aural stimuli create a clear space in your head…. Such moments are a form of transcendence, a mini trip.”

(Retrossuage Issue 6)


Stop Motion: A Tribute to Ray

“To watch any of his films now is to go back to childhood, to a time when you believed in monsters.”

(Retrosuagge Issue 5)


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