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Cinema of Transcendence

In a piece for Esquire back in 2000, Martin Scorsese sang the praises of fellow director Wes Anderson, citing his “fine sense of how music works against an image,” and calling a scene in his first feature, Bottle Rocket (1996), a “transcendent moment.” But what did he mean by that? What is the cinema of […]

Stop Motion Forever

Recently I wrote a tribute to Ray Harryhausen, the king of stop-motion. Now I’d like to go deeper into the strange world of animated objects, as well as taking a look at modern monsters… Stop-motion has been around nearly as long as cinema itself. It started in the 1890s, and by the early twentieth century […]

Alive & Streaming

Hollywood has hated television since it first gained widespread popularity in ‘50s America. “Why,” they were forced to ask themselves, “would someone pay to travel outside their homes for two hours of crap, when they could inside and watch endless hours of crap for free?” Their answer was to give the audience something extra, trotting […]

Stop Motion: A Tribute to Ray.

Like most kids, I spent my pocket money on stupid crap – plastic toys which fell apart within weeks, comics, stickers, and a fistful of E numbers. The only purchase I stand by is Jason and the Argonauts (1963), which I bought on VHS and watched so many times the tape wore out. It was […]